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Welcome to MinoFriends (iOS)

To have others add you as MinoMonsters friend they have to add your MinoMonsters code. You can add your code to the list below by entering it in the box below and click "Add Code". Your MinoMonsters code can be found by going to the menu page (top) of the application, then onto the 'Friends' icon. You will see your code in the middle at "My Friend Code". Your code will be at the top of the list of codes until someone else submits his/her code. Once your code goes off the list, you can enter it again and it will be moved back to the top of the list. There is no limit to the number of times that you can do this.

Please do not add fake codes.


For only USD 0.99 you can have your MinoMonsters Friend Code promoted for 15 days!
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Free MinoMonsters Codes

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ID: Example: 1234AB567CD890E
1.  C79B081503116EC22.  8AF8426853OFD8IE3.  ic3ac5629757d2b5
4.  8D649919EC750BED5.  52BF88DCF20EB3A76.  BB46FBE2C6783ABF
7.  FB60B069810C3AB08.  94884816FFOA79BA9.  8DA9A9395D4B441C
10.  CE14EE1C2E9647AF11.  5A27432A0780AC3112.  33A152C831A1C41C
13.  4ed2c7f6cic2doc514.  92136547988B3BOA15.  EEE570D43CE66623
16.  1D213DB7ED4BB92F17.  EDE7AE63AE7CF21818.  6DBEC55A5EE5FF44
19.  A04F12C4BF66CE9720.  5402c7f7d2ef2ef621.  710DADFEE5CB3A8A
22.  6fe63296800f5dc323.  AEEB262C5A8903F624.  cee5824dc6ca2269
25.  BC10AF1C1800F04226.  57E5563AC2B5C76427.  E8F7C93BD14IOFIF
28.  38EB7F4AAC2CAEED29.  7279e4b515450c3330.  64724070977714B6
31.  BED3E5A9B3CAB1EF32.  77C593B6IF860C3933.  054b98014d179ae2
34.  6ED95D44AB8E55DA35.  9E0D631072964C1E36.  2C4A9F62E76ADCD7
37.  D436FA839CE5C47238.  30188B4B67CDEC7939.  C0B437B7EAF5A008
40.  E89a6675b37febf441.  279E6A4BDAA12D6842.  2A90853AD04F8FF8
43.  4446A9E4FF15A1D844.  3BE74190EA9E78B845.  a259096656bcb281
46.  C4E5DE134C3E39D247.  2FD88507686DC7D148.  AA98C00DEE6BD19F
49.  d7882bc12a96f56b50.  FFAI7850B3EF369151.  140F68B55DE8EC81
52.  31e41d471362052153.  5CE83DED8A7655A554.  5d304603dd3240aa
55.  B9C6655B9733F3B356.  0C9ED0A14176AD7257.  6C3F53BEFF7D202E
58.  2CA19C0813F354E759.  BA3D746BB15A454160.  141DED714B417130
61.  E3EF436621B4238462.  3B80F8F03252585063.  8268CIF9A4A10416
64.  143FB220A7D9166065.  143FB22OA7D9166O66.  DEA95BF86E7FB4DC
67.  3508C0822C8646C568.  8F85845AE556906A69.  34CF35A705382F30
70.  48C5C28058BB674E71.  0FC73D581ECE9F5A72.  E29EEB275567437B
73.  9FBIE9D6BBD9DFFB74.  11032E1CC226486775.  6553FA6C678F802B
76.  Ac8bab39a96c59ba77.  B5372FB0F3138D0B78.  4E7DE8B65EE75C08
79.  3E94CF91E0635AD380.  4C5FD7915C5644CC81.  98E3BB0910FA03A8
82.  DBF7525F8969321D83.  0AA6BF3E7C7E8BB684.  072F9B1A6D65965D
85.  cedb63f80958138786.  A148C66C5B58436687.  63391CBF9E4133E4
88.  5A7E97B40D34DE4B89.  27AF57B68FB66EC390.  4AE70E8DA106FDBD
91.  4ae70e8daio6fdbd92.  2777A8BADD7342EE93.  3F30570DF537E03F
94.  941228D8F4F5C59295.  A96A6D2B6342171396.  724C57E1BDBDA4D9
97.  52CCCE919F96EC4D98.  CDC7D8FA7146B41999.  A2FEAC7CD3917E67